Request Your Transcript

  • There are two options for students who would like to request their transcripts:

    Paper Copy
    A paper copy of your transcripts processed by Davison Community Schools is $5 each to help cover the costs of copies and postage. You can pay the $5 fee by credit card or electronic check through e-Funds (click here: E-Funds Link or the link can be found on the left side under "Quick Links" on the District Home Page) or sending your check or money order to Request for Transcripts, Att: Dorothy Swain, Davison High School, 1250 N. Oak Road, Davison MI 48423, or Att: Mrs. Connie Trombley, Davison Alternative Education, 1250 N. Oak Road, Davison MI 48423.

    To request your transcript, please click HERE to complete the form. Your request will be processed once we have received payment and the form has been completed correctly with the name of the institution or individual and COMPLETE (street, city, state and ZIP Code) address of where the transcript should be mailed to.

    E-Transcript Initiative
    Davison High School and Davison Alternative Education participate in the Michigan E-Transcript Initiative and the electronic Secure TranscriptTM service, which allows students to send transcripts and other supporting admission documents from their high schools or colleges to more than 4,000 other colleges and universities nationwide, as well as to third-party destinations, electronically or on security paper mailed by Parchment.

    Michigan high school students and alumni can send electronic transcripts to any e-Transcript-registered institution in Michigan or participating institution within the Midwestern High Education Compact for a fee. If an institution in the United States is not registered to receive transcripts electronically, you will have the option of having Parchment mail the paper transcript for an additional cost. If an institution is registered to receive transcripts electronically but is outside of the MEHC states, the fee is $2.55. (Please note that some higher education institutions may charge their college students for handling costs, but the state of Michigan and Davison Community Schools do not control or receive a portion of these fees. All fees are displayed before students send their transcripts.)

    To request your transcripts electronically, please visit the link below: