Enrollment Information

  • Students enrolling for the first time in the district should register as soon as possible.

    You may register your child at the school he or she will be attending. If you are not sure what elementary school your child should be attending, please call Robin Ricica, Superintendent’s Secretary, at (810) 591-0801.

    Please bring the student’s official birth certificate issued from the county clerk’s office with the official seal on it, the child’s immunization record, and three proofs of your residency including your driver’s license.

    Whenever you move from your current address to another address, you will also be required to provide the district with three proofs of residency including your driver’s license showing your Davison address. Other proof of residency verifications must include a recent utility bill and any of the following: a second utility bill, recent pay check/social security check stub that includes name and address, recent purchase/lease agreement or bank savings/checking statement or recent loan/insurance/tax bill with your name and address imprinted on it.