• Davison High School Yearbook Headshot Specifications

    Only head and shoulder shots will be accepted.
    NO outdoors, NO props, NO hands, NO hats or sunglasses. Student should be facing forward.
    NO over the shoulder looks will be accepted.

    The photograph should be submitted electronically either on a disk or emailed. Gray, beige, or light blue (traditional) backgrounds are required. Photographs with other backgrounds may not be accepted. Be sure that there is space above the student as extreme close-ups do not allow us to resize the picture properly and may not be accepted.

    In COLOR - NO Black and White photos

    Photos should be delivered on a CD or emailed to: or
    Please save file using student’s last name_first name.

    The Yearbook advisor has the right to accept or deny any photograph not meeting all of the requirements. If the photo
    is submitted after the deadline or does not fit the requirements above, a student’s school ID portrait will be used.

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