• The Davison High School Guidance Office offers assistance to students in many different ways. Counselors are available to help students choose the right classes at DHS to help them prepare for a career as well as offer emotional and social support. Students can also turn to the Guidance Officer for help in choosing a college, completing college applications and searching for scholarships and financial aid opportunities.


    Amy Hyrman, Counselor
    Students with last names beginning with A - G
    (810) 591-0134

    Cory Sturgess, Counselor
    Students with last names H-0
    (810) 591-0136

    Noelle Cole, Counselor
    Students with last names beginning with P-Z

    (810) 591-0138

    Dorothy Swain, Secretary
    (810) 591-0132

    FAX: (810) 591-0099

    Christina Brady, Success Coordinator
    (810) 591-9756

    Andrea Tomczak, Davison Early College and Career Placement
    (810) 591-0139

    Anna Wells, EDP Coordinator
    (810) 591-0139