Mr. Ames

  • "Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one."

    -Bill Gates


    Marketing and Accounting students will exposed to the world of business through curriculum and applied to real life. The Davison High School Business department encourages individuals to become knowledgeable about current business topics, as well as grow as people to be ready for their next step in the world. Students will actively participate in the business curriculum which will provide each student with opportunity to realize their fullest potential. 

    The Davison Business department is dedicated to providing a wide range of courses in accounting, business management, business finance, and marketing. Currently, Mr. Ames is teaching four different courses (Marketing Essentials, Marketing Management, Advanced Marketing and Accounting).  Email Mr. Ames at with any questions
    Mr. Ames is currently teaching the following courses (a brief description follows each):
    • Marketing Essentials—This is the introductory marketing class in which students will learn the basic of marketing.
    • Marketing Management—This is the second year marketing class in which students will learn skills to prepare them for managerial types of positions in marketing.
    • Advanced Marketing—This is the third year marketing class in which students will learn about advanced topics in marketing.
    • Accounting—This is the class where students will learn about the financial side of a business.